Friday, October 31, 2008

Wicklow E continued

At last. The misplaced Wicklow Hollingsworths have been returned to the file and I can continue with the rest of Wicklow.

Name: Elizabeth 1882-1909
(Née Giffney)
Where: Convent Road Wicklow
Parents: Thomas
Married: John High St. Wicklow 27 september 1906
Died: 2 October 1909 age 27. Died on birth of twins. Rathdrum Reg. CH 2.680
Michael 1907
Elizabeth & Mary Theresa 1909 (twins)

Name: Ellen 1884?
Where: Wicklow
Parents: Michael
Married: Williap Phillips (Pilot) 29 April 1908

Name: Elizabeth 1870?
Where: Wicklow Main St.
Parents: Michael
Married: Michael Costello 3 April 1894 at St. Patrick’s Wicklow

Name: Elizabeth 1909-1909
Where: Wicklow
Parents: John, High St. Wicklow. Elizabeth Giffney
Died: 1909 CH 2.676
Birth/Bapt: 9 September 1909 Twin Marie Therese CH 2.4.851.377 Rathdrum Reg.
Brothers & sisters:
Michael 1907
Mary Theresa 1909 (twin)

Name: Elizabeth R. 1951
Where: Wicklow
Parents: Michael 1907. Elizabeth Bullard.
Married: McKenna. St Patrick’s Wicklow.
Birth/Bapt: 1 September 1951 Rathdrum Reg. CH 2.369
Brothers & sisters:
Michael John 1943
John Arthur 1944
Elizabeth living in Cheshire, England.
Michael John living Ayr, Scotland.
Her mother (Elizabeth Bullard ) living with her in Cheshire
Michael (father) in Rathdrum R. Home. (both at time of writing)
John 1943 deceased.

Name: Elizabeth
(Née Bullard)
Where: Wicklow
Parents: Stephen (postman) Wicklow. Elizabeth Breen, Wicklow.
Married: Michael 1907 on 6 April 1942 St. Pats Wicklow
Birth/Bapt: 10 October 1913
Brothers & sisters:
See Ann Mary 1920

Name: Elizabeth 1971-
Where: Ballymoney, Co. Wicklow. (NB rest of family born in Templelyon.
Parents: Daniel, Poulaphuca 1847-1913. Anne Byrne (Rehard) 1843-1899
Married: James Kavanagh
Birth/Bapt: 18 May 1871 Rathdrum Reg. CH 7.1047
Brothers & sisters:
See children of Daniel 1847
(1) Lived in vicinity of Leeson St., Dublin after marriage.
(2) The mother presented this child for baptism the same day as born & Christened an R.C.

Name: Ellen 1878-
Where: Reilly’s Lane, Arklow
Parents: Samuel (1839?) Seafarer. Jane Dickenson.
Birth/Bapt: 16 March 1878 CH 2.988 Rathdrum Reg,
Brothers & sisters:
Grancis 1869
Marie Ann 1874
Nicholas 1876

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