Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well I thought that "D" was a bit light and "E" also considering how many Elizabeths we seem to have.

Explained! A bunch of Wicklow names were misplaced as a group in the files. So here they are commencing from "A" again in the normal loose alphabetical manner...

Name: Annie 1874-1935
Where: Rathdrum
Died: 1935 age 61 CH 2.540
Birth/Bapt: 1874 a/t/a at death

Name: Annie 1869
CH Rathdrum 2.1047

Name: Anna Maria (Annie Marie) 1878-1933
Where: Templelyon. Wicklow.
Parents: Daniel 1847-1913 Poulaphuca.
Ann Byrne, Rehard.
Married: Pat O’Neill Newtownmountkennedy on 12 October 1897 in Wicklow.
Registered as Anna Francis in Marriage Registery.
Died: 13 April 1933. Buried Dublin from Donnybrook.
Birth/Bapt: 1 April 1878 Rathdrum Reg. CH 2.1019
Brothers & sisters:
Elizabeth 1871
William 1874
John 1876
Francis 1873
Francis 1880
Catherine 1882
(1) A very pleasant easy-going person. A delight to chat to. Went all too soon.
(2) Lived in Donnybrook, Dublin from about 1900. Patrick O’Neill was a Master Baker & worked in Boland’s Bakery for many years - until retirement. He was a thorough gentleman & always good humoured & had a marvellous disposition. He was a great friend of my father John (1876) & my father for many years spent his holiday with him in Donnybrook. Issue Annie (m. Bill Cree, s. George), Patrick, Angela (m. Richard Keane, 9 children).

Name: Annie 1901
Where: Wicklow
Parents: William 1874. Bridget Devlin, Wicklow.
Married: Spinster
Died: Liverpool. Buried Allerton Cemetry.
Birth/Bapt: 22 April 1901 Rathdrum Reg. CH 2.861
Children: Nil.
Brothers & sisters: See children William 1874
(1) Educated and lived in Garston, Livrpool. 47 Dock Road. St. Francis Parish. Alive Jan ‘66. Unmarried.
(2) Alive May ‘69.

Name: Ann Mary 1920
(Née Bullard)
Where: Wicklow Town.
Parents: Stephen (Postman) Wicklow. Elizabeth Breen.
Married: Robert (1916 Grassendale, Liverpool) on 16 August 1955 St. Patrick’s, Wicklow.
Birth/Bapt: 31 August 1919
William 7 April 1960
Brothers & sisters:
Margaret Mary (called Birdie)
Rev. Fr Stephen
Elizabeth (Lil)
Catherine (Kate)
John Arthur
Rose Mary

Ann Mary 1920 is my mother. Here's a photo of herself & her father Stephen in his Postman's uniform (looking shy) on the doorstep of their house in Wicklow.

Here's Stephen Bullard (postman), his wife Bessie, and my aunt Margaret ("Birdie") on the 1911 Census form.

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Hi, I have just come across your blogg and was so interested and amazed to hear all about the Hollingsworth family. My name is Moira Hollingsworth and my father was Thomas Morgan Hollingsworth, the baby of the family to William and Bridget.