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Misplaced Wicklow D

Name: Daniel 1906-1963
Where: Wicklow
Parents: John, Templelyon, 1876. Mary Cathrine Murphy 1878 Wicklow.
Married: Eileen Reid, 33 Belvedere Road, Wallasey, Cheshire, England
Died: 26 April 1963. Buried from St. Alban’s Wallasey at Frankly Cemetry.
Birth/Bapt: 22 December 1906. Rathdrum Register.
22 December 1907 CH 2.1.868.393
Children: Nil
Brothers & sisters:
Patrick 1908 Dublin
John 1910 Dublin
William Liverpool
Francis 1913 Liverpool
William Joseph 1914 Liverpool
Robert 1916 Liverpool.
(1) Grocer, Insurance agent. Served with R.A.F. in 1939/45 war. Awarded “Oak Leaf” in Egypt. Served in Italy. Member of Saint Vincent de Paul in Wallasey. Reared & educated in Grassendale, Liverpool. St. Austin’s.
(2) Died in Wallasey - living with wife Eileen & brothers John & WilliamJ. These two brothers died within 12 months of Dan’s death.

Daniel 1906 was my father's brother.

Name: Daniel 1870-1914
Where: Little Rock, Arklow Parish
Parents: Edward 1822-1885. Sarah Freeman.
Died: 8 August 1914 Rock Little.
1914 age 44 CH 2.629
Birth/Bapt: 6 Sept 1870 CH 12.928
Brothers & sisters:
Sahra 1865
Edward 1868
Ellen 1873

Name: Daniel (Mariner)
Parents: Daniel (Mariner)
Married: Dora (Doran, Kearon, Kearns)? in Arklow in 1851.

Name: Daniel 1803/4/5-1880
Where: Big Rock, Arklow
Parents: John 1779-1864 Big Rock.
Married: Ann E. Manning (née Hyde) widow R.C. 1820-1898 Fermoy
Died: Buried at Mallorytown Cemetry 1880.
Pall bearers included R. Waldron for Ann
Children: 4 sons, 3 daughters
Brothers & sisters:
Samuel 1804
Thomas 1810
Notes: went to Canada prior to 1836 with Samuel 1801 & his wife. Lived in Escott in Elizabethtown.

Name: Dora 1849/50-1931
(Née Tuke/Tuite)
Where: Poulaphuca
Parents: John Tuke
Married: Edward 1848-1892 Poulaphuca
Died: 20 May 1931 age 81 years (Age 82 - headstone) Castlemacadam Cemetry, Rathdrum Reg.
CH 1931 age 81 2.535
Birth/Bapt: 1849/50 a/t/a at death
Ann 1871
William 1872
Elizabeth 1875
Kate 1876
Susan Dora 1879
Ellen 1881
Susan 1883
John 1885
Edward 1888
Extract from Dan Doyle’s written to Henry. Children: William, John & Edward.
Ellen (Mrs Newman) lived at Avoca (The Meetings) had a son William & two daughters, one named Dora.
William was still only a boy when his father (Edward 1848) died. Yet he started working the farm, Poulaphuca and rearing the rest of the family. Edward was killed in a cycling accident.

Name: Dorothy 1926
Where: Coolaneal, Redcross
Parents: John. Maria (Minnie) Hollingsworth
Birth/Bapt: 26 August 1926 Castlemacadam (P.)

Name: Doreen A. 1957 (Doreen Ann Deirdre)
Where: Poulaphuca
Parents: William E. 1906. Pearl Waldren.
Birth/Bapt: CH 2.363 5 October 1957. Rathdrum Reg.
Brothers & sisters:
Se children William Ed. 1933

Name: Dorothy
Where: The Meetings, Avoca
Parents: John
Married: Michael A. Murphy, Tigioney (Tigroney?) Avoca 17 October 1956 at Ashford R.C. Church.

Name: Dermot M. 1945
Where: Rathdrum
Parents: Arnold (mother)
Birth/Bapt: CH 2.382

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