Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wexford - William

Name: William 1777-1854
Where: Ballycanew
Married: Jane Pielow at Kilena 14 July 1810
Marriage Licence Bonds Diocese of Ferns, Ossory & Leighlin
Parish register 14 March 1810
Died: 31 October 1854 age 77
Birth/Bapt: 1854 a/t/a at death

Name: William 1798-1876
Where: Ireland. Elizabethtown, Ontario, Canada (Census 186?) (Age 63)
Parents: Samuel? & Ann?
Married: Elizabeth James in 1832
Marraige Licence Bond
Died: 1876 Ontario age 83
Notes: Went to Canada in 1852
His portion of Ballinakill to Ed. Sinnot

Name: William 1823
(see Wim 1824)
Where: Ballinakill
Parents: John 1789. Susannah 1791.
Birth/Bapt: 12 January 1823 Bapt. Ballycanew Register
Brothers & sisters:
See John 1879

Name: 1824-1895
(se Wm 1823)
Where: Ballinakill
Parents: William (Ballinakill). Eliza.
Married: Batchelor (General Register) Farmer.
Died: 25 April 1895 General Register
Aged 71 CH 2,666
Birth/Bapt: 1823 (Gorey Baptism)

Name: William 1827(?)
Where: Enniscorthy
Parents: Nicholas (chandler) maybe 1800. Lucinda Styles.
Married: Sarah Bates St. Mary’s 4 September 1850 Enniscorthy Register.
Died: 31 May 1900 at Hoboken
Birth/Bapt: According to census in Hoboken, New Jersey, 1960 he was 33 years of age.
Emigrated to Hoboken, Hudson Co., New Jersey about 1860.

Name: William 1830
Where: Ballycanew
Parents: Thomas 1805. Alice.
Died: 6 February 1840 Ballycanew 9 years
Birth/Bapt: 1830 Gorey Bapt.

Name: William James 1870
Parents: John. Martha Hempenstall.
Birth/Bapt: 20 November 1870 Gorey Register

Name: William 1876-1877
Where: Ardamine
Parents: Nicholas. Ann Stacey.
Died: 3 December 1877
Killena Glyn (Measles)
Custom House 17.642
Birth/Bapt: 26 October 1876 General Register
12 November 1876 Bapt. Killena
Custom House 17.781
Brothers & sisters:
See Nicholas 1837

Well that's the last Wexford Hollingsworths. At least it is if I haven't missed any. And bear in mind that my father's research stops with dates in the early 20th Century. I suppose he thought that the living - and recent living- would be easier to find. There are four files of index cards - and that's the bulk of the first. Where to next? Not sure. I'll see what grabs me. At the moment I'm thinking Wicklow, being the most proximate geographically.

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