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Wexford Samuels - more to come

Name: Samuel 1802/4-1865
Where: Inch & Kilgorman
Parents: john, Big Rock
Married: 20 february 1827 Ellen Hempenstall
(Inch Records in Four Courts) Marriage Licence, Diocese Dublin.
Died: Dec 1865 Michigan
Brothers & sisters:
Daniel 1803
Thomas 1810
This Samuel & his wife Ellen moved to Canada, Escott - a town, adjoining Elizabethtown prior to 1836. Census of Elizabethtown in 1861 gave William 1798 & Betty 1910.

Escott, Ontario?

Name: Samuel 1801-1865
Where: Ballycanew
Parents: Nicholas. Mary.
Mary Stack (Stacey)?
1837 Anne Henrietta Hopkins
Marriage licence Bonds, Diocese of Ossory, Ferns & Leighlin
Died: 12 September 1865 Age 60
Enniscorthy (CH 14.377)
Birth/Bapt: Bpt 21 December 1801 Church Register Ballycanew
John by Mary Stack (Stacey)
Nicholas by Ann Henrietta 16 January 1838
Eliza by Ann Henrietta 5 February 1841
Brothers & sisters:
Harriett 1799
Thomas 1804

Name: Samuel 1805-1865
Where: Enniscorthy
Died: 12 September 1865 Enniscorthy age 60
CH 14.377
Birth/Bapt: 1805 a/t/a at death

Name: Samuel C 1820(?)
Check with Sam 1821?
Where: Milltown, Ferns then Mt. Nebo
Married: Margaret (Mt. Nebo) (Gorey Register)
Louisa Margaret 14 September 1844 Kilnehue
Theresa Eleanor 6 January 1841
Loftus Frank 11 October 1838 Ferns
Henry Samuel 10 July 1836

Name: Samuel 1820-1895
Where: Ballywalter
Married: Ellen
Died: 26 October 1895 age 75 Ballywalter

Name: Samuel 1821-1896
Where: Ballinakill
Parents: John. Susanna (1st cousins)
Died: 1896 age 75 Custom House 2.628
Birth/Bapt: 10 June 1821 Bapt. Ballycanew Church Reg.
Brothers & sisters:
See John 1789

Name: Samuel 1826
Where: Ballywalter
Parents: Thomas, Tomduff. Eliza.
Birth/Bapt: 29 June 1826 Ardamine.
23 July 1826 Bapt. Killena
Brothers & sisters:
See Thomas, Tomduff.

Name: Samuel 1830(?)
Where: Parknashogue
Married: Ann
Children: Joseph Samuel 21 July 1861

Name: Samuel 1834(?)
Where: Inch (Maybe Canada)
Parents: Samuel 1804. Ellen Hempenstall.

Name: Samuel 1843-1898
Where: Gorey
Parents: Peter 1809. Hanah Cope.
Birth/Bapt: 17 December Gorey Methodist Bapt.
Brothers & sisters:
Thomas 1832 (half brother)
Peter 1846
Eliz 1837
John Wesley 1839
Hanah 1842
Dr. Samuel (Rev.) late Principal Wesley College.

Name: Samuel
Married: Ann Earl
Mentioned in her father’s Will 1795
Edward - alive in 1795
Jane - alive in 1795
Anne 1801
Frederick down to Henry 1802
Mary m. John Ager
John 1789-1877
Esther 174/5-1868
Mary 1806
John, Glenealy?
They had a son Michael.
Clogga & Askintinny leased by Samuel before he died. Michael Devlin (brother of Bridget devlin) in Clogga 1825.
Richard Nicholson in Askintinny.

Wow! At this point I'm just amazed at the dedication of my father. Two hundred and forty one entries so far! A lot of the information came from Henry Hollingsworth, but just about all of it has been originally found or corroborated by the footwork of my father - whether it was checking records in the Custom House in Dublin, registers in various parishes or deciphering headstones which were sometimes in a disheveled(!) state.

I remember two in particular. The first was when we were going to an isolated cemetery at the top of a hill in the countryside. I can't remember where exactly it was (I was too young) nut do remember that we walked across a railway line, and past a farmhouse where we were chased by a flock of guard geese. The second was moving two great six-foot stones which were lying face down in Ballycanew. More about that later.

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