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Wexford Samuel to Teresa

Name: Samuel (?)
Where: Farmer in the Parish of Inch & Kilgorman
Married: Ellen Hempenstall 20 February 1827 at Inch

Name: Sarah Maria (1784?)-1849
(Née Bearney)
Where: Gorey
Married: John, Tomduff, 1807 (Parish Register 1805)
Marriage Licence Diocese of Ferns 1804
Died: 1849 (Possibly Liverpool)
Anna Maria 1808
John 1810
Peter 1809
Thomas 1806

Name: Sarah 1812
(Née Pierce)
Married: John (1810?)
John Hunter
Thomas Pierce

Name: Sarah (1827?)
(Née Bates)
Where: Enniscorthy
Parents: Daniel Bates (Saddler)
Married: William, Enniscorthy Register 4 September 1850
(Son of Nicholas the chandler)

Name: Sarah Jane 1838
Where: Tomduff, Killena
Birth/Bapt: Born 21 September 1838 Ardamine
13 November 1838 Bapt. Killena

Name: Sarah Ann (1840)
(Née Percival)
Where: Gorey
Married: John Wesley
Female 29 December 1864
Sarah Ann 1869
Susan Martha 1872

Name: Sarah Jane 1841
Where: Gorey
Parents: John. Sarah.
Birth/Bapt: 26 July 1841 Gorey Methodist

Name: Sarah Ann 1869-1882
Where: Gorey
John Wesley (Shopkeeper, housepainter)
Sarah Ann Percival
Died: 1 January 1882 age 12
Custom House 2.739 Gorey
Birth/Bapt: 5 June 1869 General register
Bapt. Gorey Methodist Customs House 7.888
Brothers & sisters:
See John Wesley

Name: Simon
Where: Gorey (Householder 1855)

Name: Susannah 1791-1872
Where: Ballycanew
Died: 3 February 1872 Ballycanew Reg. Age 81

Name: Susana 1791-1872
(Née Hollingsworth)
Where: Ballinakill
Parents: William. Elizabeth.
Married: 23 October 1819 John Hollingsworth (1789)
Marriage licence Bonds, Diocese of Ossory, Ferns & Leighlin
Died: 2 February 1872 81 years(?)
Late Ballinakill
Samuel 1821
William 1823
Edward 1824
John 1826
John 1827
Abraham 1828

Name: Susanna 1810-1887
Where: Ballinakill
Parents: Samuel (Ballinakill). Ann.
Married: Edward Dalton (Horetown Parish) 1833
Marriage licence Bonds, Diocese of Ossory, Ferns & Leighlin
Died: 1887 age 76
Birth/Bapt: Ballycan Bapt 1810

Name: Susana/Susannah 1827
Where: Cranacrower
Parents: John. Esther.
Birth/Bapt: 27 August 1827 Bapt. Ballycanew Reg.
Brothers & sisters:
See Edward 1822

Name: Susan Martha 1872
Where: Gorey
Parents: John Wesley (Shopkeeper, painter). Sarah Ann Percival
Birth/Bapt: 15 July 1872 22 December 1872 General Register. Bapt. Gorey Methodist Church.
Customs House 12.802
Brothers & sisters:
See John Wesley

Name: Susan 1873
Where: Ardamine. Glyn.
Parents: Nicholas. Ann Stacey.
Birth/Bapt: 22 December 1873 General Register
23 December 1873
February 1874 Bapt. Killena
Custom House 2.849 Reg. 1874
Brothers & sisters:
See Nicholas 1837

Name: Teresa Eleanor 1841
Where: Milltown, Ferns
Parents: Samuel (1797 miller. Margaret
Birth/Bapt: 6 January 1841 Ferns Register
Brothers & sisters:
Loftus 1838
Edmund 1837
Ben 1835
Henry 1836

Two things to note:
1. I can't find Killena/Kilena on modern maps, but can find it spelt Killenagh (with a silent 'gh').
2. Just came across this fantastic site:
It has aerial photos and 19th century maps of Ardamine, Ballywalter, Hollyfort, Mount Nebo (as above), Tomduff, Tomgar among others. When a place of residence is listed on my dad's files, for example as Mount Nebo, do you think that this was the actual house they lived in? Or was it simply in the townland? If it Is those houses listed, then the Hollingsworths had a fairly good slice of County Wexford.

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