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Wicklow - C to Daniel

Name: Catherine 1882
Where: Wicklow. Templelyon.
Parents: Daniel 1847-1913. Ann Byrne Rehard, Wicklow.
Married: Robert C. Doyle 14 November 1905. Sea captain - son of James Doyle, Wicklow.
Birth/Bapt: 1 October 1882 Rathdrum Reg. CH 2.862
James Doyle (Reporter on the Cork Examiner newspaper)
Daniel Doyle (Wrote to Henry. Letter No.2. County Librarian.
Robert Doyle (Schoolteacher)
Brothers & sisters:
Elizabeth 1871
William 1874
John 1876
Francis 1873
Anna Maria 1878
Francis 1880
(1) Inherited all and sundry from Daniel 1847 including lands at Ballyguile & the Glebe, Wicklow. The latter was sold for the building of a National Technical School. Retired 1960 through ill health, sold up and went to live with eldest son James in Terenure, Dublin. Catherine at present in a hospital or Nursing Home. (27 Jan 1966).
(2) Robert the husband left her approx 1916 and not heard of since. I was a baby when he called to see my father (in Liverpool) before going and I was called after him “Robert”.

Name: Catherine 1880-1882
Where: Coolnakilly, nr. Rathnew.
Parents: John 1833. Mary Ann Byrne
Died: 4 August 1882 18 months Rathdrum Reg. CH 2.859
Birth/Bapt: 20 April 1880 Rathdrum Reg. CH 2.1030
Brothers & sisters:
Annie 1868
Michael 1872
John 1975
Jane 1876
Joseph Wm 1877
Ellen 1879

Name: Daniel 1847/9-1913
Where: Poulaphuca, Avoca, Co. Wicklow.
William, Poulaphuca 1798-1878.
Elizabeth Hempenstall, Ashwood 1803-1878
Married: Ann Byrne, Rehard Co. Wicklow
10 July 1870 at Kilbride Parish Church, Enorely.
Have Marriage Kicence
Died: 1913. Buried Castlemacadam, Avoca. Old Graveyard.
Age 64 years Rathdrum Register 23 September 1913. CH 2.654 age 64
Birth/Bapt: 1849 a/t/a at death
Elizabeth Ballymoney 1871
Francis Templelyon 1873
William Templelyon 1874
John Templelyon 1876
Anna Maria Wicklow 1878
Francis Wicklow 1880
Catherine Wicklow 1882
Brothers & sisters:
John 5 July 1826
Catherine 17 August 1828
William 1 August 1829 (Old William?)
Edward 1848
(1) All children were reared in the R.C. Faith. Moved to Wicklow in 1876/8. In his 2nd Will he bequeathed everything to his daughter Catherine dated 25 April 1905.
(2) Said by Kevin - son of Francis 1880 - to be son of a Hugh
(3) According to my cousin Kevin (1914) Daniel worked in flour mill in Arklow & that his father was a “Hugh” (Henry’s first letter).
(4) Kevin Holl says Grandfather Daniel died age 75 also that Daniel’s father was a Hugh.
Daniel was born in a place named “Red Bog” - this is between Tinnahealy & Hacketstown.
(I often remember my own father “John” speaking of Tinnahealey because he always pronounced it Tinnahaley. Bob.
Kevin also thought Hugh’s father to be Daniel.
(5) My grandfather.

My Great Grandfather! - Bill


Doyler said...

Daniel Hollingsworth married to Anne Byrne was the son of William Hollingsworth and Elizabeth Hempenstall, not Hugh. There is a written sidenote to this effect by my father in the margin of a letter from Henry Hollingsworth. See also details of gravestone in Castlemacadam under the notes for Ellen Hollingsworth elsewhere in this blog. Daniel Hollingsworth was my great grandfather. said...

Catherine Hollingsworth was married to Robert Conway Doyle, master mariner, son of James Doyle and Jane Frances Conway. On 10/2/1921 he arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana, on the SS Bidwell and at some stage returned to Nome where he had been previously during the Gold Rush. He lived there for many years and died on 19/5/1948. In 2005 my brother visited Nome and placed a headstone on his grave "Robert Conway Doyle, born Wicklow, Ireland 1875, died Nome, Alaska 1948, erected by his grandchildren"